Pregnancy calculator

With this tool, yoy can calculate the approximate date of birth for your baby. Please be aware that the calculation is based on the assuption that the pregnancy lasts about 267 days.

Only 5% fo all babies are born on the calculated date. About 26% of all births occur in a period of ±7 days of their predicted date, and 66% of all babies are born between -3 and +3 weeks of their calculated birth date. Therefore, this calculator will give you only an approximate date of bith of you child.

1. Date of your last period:
(in a DD.MM.YYYY format)
2. Normal lenght of your period:
(22 to 45 days, normally 28 days)
3. Normal ovulation day:
(9 to 16 days, normally 14 days)

Probable date you became pregnant:
Probable date your cild will be born:
Probable age of the fetus in weeks:


IMPORTANT: The above result gives you the child's age in number of weeks after the fertilization. You must add 2 weeks to it in order to make it match the age of the child stated in your "Mother's Passport".


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